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A Review of Breitling Watches New Releases at Baselworld 2016

Breitling Baselworld 2016 Releases

A stealth, dynamic and fierce performance from Breitling at Baselworld 2016!  An array of powerful designs equipped for extreme realities via technical breakthroughs and visionary thinking. Dressed in an armour that can withstand severe conditions, the fierce timepieces make a dramatic impact on first acquaintance with the initial impression remaining intact when the technical complexity begins to shine. Eager to uncover more? Join us to reveal the incredibly bold instruments that have certainly impressed. 


Avenger Hurricane

Breitling Watch Avenger Hurricane XB1210E4/BE89/257S


On introduction the name implies a tone full of force and strength, which is met with confidence that exceeds existing boundaries of instruments for professionals. The grandeur 50 mm XXL diameter immediately demands attention enhanced by its all-black appearance with a hint of yellow. Breitling successfully revolutionised watchmaking with the Hurricane case manufactured in a futuristic material entitled Breitlight; a world-first!! The result is an impressively 3.3 times lighter than titanium, 5.8 time lighter than steel and is significantly harder than both contenders. The innovative case material repels scratches, traction and corrosion, is anti-magnetic, boasts thermal stability and has anti-allergic properties. The powerful chronograph is extremely reliable and precise due to the new Manufacture Breitling Caliber B12 that is self-winding with a 24 hour display. A high functionality is met due to a legible dial with luminescent hands and numerals, a thick sapphire crystal glare proofed on both sides, a non-slip grip fitted to all controls and fastened by an exclusive strap with a black Military textile fibre exterior for extra comfort. The rotating bezel memorises times via rider tabs and boasts a 100 m water resistance. Overall, an innovative timepiece that welcomes every challenge living up to its bold, fearless name!


Avenger Bandit 


Breitling Watch Avenger Bandit E1338310/M534/109W


Exceptional performance is vital in extreme professional conditions. Imagining the deck of an aircraft carrier with the planes landing and taking off in perfect harmony, the alternating rhythm of catapults and arresting cables, amid clouds of steam and the amount of concentration and focus required in such a setting is the inspiration behind the Avenger Bandit. Absorbing the power of the ‘ocean fortresses’ and their commitment to technology to drive precision brings Breitling to design such an instrument that welcomes daring missions. The oversized 45 mm dial framed in a light yet robust titanium case - a metal favoured by the aviation world - serves to protect the intricate, reliable Breitling Caliber 13. To avoid any potential glinting in the mist of a dangerous feat the stain-brushed finishes ensures that no undesirable distractions will take place. The bluish grey dial with silver grey aviation-inspired stencil-type numerals with luminescent coating provides exceptional legibility. To help memorise times the bezel boasts four rider tabs, which echoes the stencil-type numerals from the dial. The striking chronograph is fitted with a new strap that hosts a rubber thread on the wrist side and an anthracite high-tech Military textile fiber exterior for extra comfort and flexibility. The Avenger Bandit embraces the spirit of naval aviation through performance excellence, acute precision and guaranteed reliability!


Navitmer 01 Blacksteel  


Breitling Watch Navitimer 01 Blacksteel. MB012822/BE51/252S.


Established as a great classic through a powerful, iconic design, the Navitimer is able to embrace a new face once again. Over a 60 year period, the Navitimer has proven it’s worth in the aviation world and watchmaking industry. Devotees are overjoyed to witness the release of the chronograph with a new fearless identity! The dark grey sunburst brushed finish dial with black counters transforms the legendary design into a masculine technical masterpiece with an exclusivity of 1000 pieces. Powered by the Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, which is developed and produced entirely in-house demonstrates the brands commitment to technical advancement, high performance and innovation. Peer through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback at the oscillating weight complete with a black coating for a unique touch. Their dedication to mastering the finest mechanical chronograph movements strengthens ties with aviation and aeronautical world. Embracing Navitmer’s signature style through dial decoration ensures that the instrument’s reputation and legendary status will continue for years to come.


Which fierce Breitling instrument will be your fearless weapon of choice? 

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