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A Review of the Bremont Watches New Releases

Bremont Watches

Prior to the ‘big day’ there are always feelings of excitement, anticipation and intrigue. Eager to uncover the latest creations and influences that will shape the future of watchmaking is an experience not to be forgotten. We were lucky enough to admire three new Bremont releases in the run up to Baselworld 2016 providing us with a taster of what the luxury brand had to offer. During the Swiss event Bremont promised to not disappoint with a re-visit to their partnership with the America’s Cup and ORACLE TEAM USA, a nostalgia of the early days of aviation, an elegant ladies range and two new SOLO timepieces; a collection of sophistication, elegance, beauty and innovation. 


Tempted? Let’s walk you through each collection before you make that all important decision……………



           Bremont Watch Regatta AC and Regatta OTUSA


Bremont Watch Americas Cup Regatta


The new models honour Bremonts collaboration with the America’s Cup and ORACLE TEAM USA. The Regatta AC focuses in particular on the Defenders of the Cup sailing event due to the importance of the countdown functionality when racing. Bremont have carefully engineered a calibre designed specifically for sailors with two unique countdown Regatta chronograph movements. The white metal dial is framed by either a polished stainless steel or 18 carat rose gold case and fastened with an alligator leather strap with polished stainless steel pin buckle. 


The Regatta OTUSA hosts a numerical 15 minute display countdown and a 5 minute start time. In addition, the design cleverly boasts a 12 hour counter together with a date function, which is difficult to achieve and rare to witness on Regatta movements. The Regatta OTUSA will be manufactured to a limitation of 235 pieces in both the black and white design to provide an air of exclusivity to the racing watch. A special addition that honours the history of the team is witnessed in the crown, which includes the high-grade carbon fibre from the victorious 2013 ORACLE TEAM USA AC72 yacht; a tribute to the win that saw the defeat of the Emirates Team New Zealand and honours one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history! 


Bremont Watch Boeing 100 Limited Edition


Bremont Watch Boeing 100 Limited Edition BB100


The Limited Edition pays tribute to the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. The charming brown hue of the metal dial and calf skin leather strap is inspired by the cockpit colour of older Boeing aircraft models. The shade was given the title of ‘Boeing Brown’ and was used to help make the cockpits more relaxing. In honour of the historical importance and the technological advancement of the Boeing Dreamliner flying testbed aircraft, ZA004, carbon fibre composite is incorporated into the crown of each piece. To provide ultimate strength the instrument is manufactured from Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium; a metal that is used in the manufacture of airframes and engine components within the aerospace industry and is considerably stronger than commercial titanium. 


Bremont Watch Solo-32


Bremont Watch Solo 32 Ladies


Bremont release a stunning ladies range that is built from the legacy of courageous female pilots. The Solo-32 LC is proudly named after Lettice Curtis - an exceptional female pilot from the Second World War who is remembered for flying a wide range of military combat aircraft with the Air Transport Auxiliary. Lettuce was also honoured with the duty of being the first woman to fly a four-engine bomber. It is an apt fit for Bremont to honour such an iconic figure in aviation history due to their strong links and passion for flight. The simplicity of the white metal dial with Roman numerals and blued steel hands provides a classic and sophisticated instrument for the ladies. 


The Solo-32 AJ remembers another female pilot who contributed to aviation history - Amy Johnson - a childhood hero of the Bremont brothers. Miss Johnson flew her DH-60 Gypsy Moth from England to Australia back in 1930; a great achievement for both aviation and women of this era. Amy Johnson is an iconic lady who deserves to be acknowledged in the form of an exquisite timepiece. Taking a more contemporary approach with applied nickel index markers replaced the numerals on this occasion. Opt for either a white or black metal dial framed with polished hardened stainless steel Bremont Trip-Tick construction. Both models measure with a diameter of 32mm to fasten elegantly on the wrist with the choice of a variety of straps depending on your preference.


Bremont Watch Solo Polished 


Bremont Watch Solo Polished White SOLO/PW 

The Solo concept appreciates the feeling of exhilaration as a pilot takes their first solo flight; an incredible unforgettable experience, which has become the inspiration behind the new timepiece. The Solo Polished is designed to have a lasting impression on the wearer from the first time it is fastened to the wrist with its striking, slick appearance. The polished steel case undergoes a hardening treatment which guarantees a high impact resistance without compromising its polished surface finish. The beauty is available in a white or black metal dial with a calf-skin leather strap and pin buckle.


Bremont once again surpassed themselves with their selection of timepieces launched at Baselworld this year. Remaining true to their signature style yet progressively moving forward in terms of style, innovation and design is a working formula that ensures tradition is met without compromising on advancing the brand into the future of watchmaking. The world of aviation serves to inspire the Bremont brothers taking heroes, pilots, feelings and aircraft as influential sources without neglecting other avenues such as the sport of sailing. Bremont balances both classic and modern ideals creatively to bring fascinating products to the forefront. 


What are your thoughts on the new Bremont releases for 2016? 

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