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Ball Watch Company Trainmaster Standard Time Watch Review

Ball Watch Company has launched the Trainmaster Standard Time, a new timepiece that marks the 130th anniversary of the adoption of standard time in the United States.

"Before the adoption of standard time in 1883, time was set depending on the position of the sun," the brand explains. "This resulted in every city having its own time zone, making the synchronisation of railroad timetables extremely complicated. From 1883 onward, U.S. railroad companies put in place a new system to divide the nation into four time zones. This change led to the disappearance of over 70 official time zones, and has continued as the officially accepted system to the present day."

The Ball Trainmaster Standard Time is inspired by the pocket watches of the 19th century. Described as "an updated version of the classic, simple and reliable timepieces of yesteryear", the watch has an 18k rose gold case measuring 39.5 mm, and a crocodile leather strap. The Arabic numerals, white enamel dial, the cut of the hands and the subsidiary seconds dial at 6 o'clock are all inspired by the first Ball fob-watches to be worn by railroad employees.

To ensure visibility in darkness, 14 3H luminous micro gas tubes are placed on the hands and hour-markers. These do not require any outside source of light or power and are up to 100 times brighter than conventional luminous paint.

A sapphire crystal case back displays the Ball RR1105-C Swiss mechanical movement, and the official 'Automatic Chronometer' status, certified by the COSC, is inscribed on the dial.

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