History of Fossil Watches

Fossil watch company has gone through a multitude of changes and has evolved significantly since it was first founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis, based in Richardson, Texas. In just three decades the brand has expanded remarkably but first began creating its own Fossil brand watches. During 1989 Fossil was making a name for itself within the designer watch industry. It launched the famous tin box packaging inspired by 1950s American graphics. In 1990 Fossil attended its first Basel Fair tradeshow event in Switzerland before venturing into women’s leather goods manufacture in 1992. Three years later its first outlet store was opening. By this time the brand had already extended into men’s leather accessories and a sunglasses range.

Once Fossil began pitching its products online within its e-commerce store, Fossil.com, demand grew higher. Fossil opened up stores in Dallas and Chicago. The year 1997 was a significant year for Fossil Group since it took over Emporio Armani and began distributing watches worldwide. Just a year later, the brand had launched its first part analogue part digital watch with the release of the Big Tic watch. It would become a patented technology that Fossil still utilizes today. Towards the end of the 90s the Fossil Group had also signed a worldwide licensing agreement to produce and distribute watches for DIESEL and DKNY watches.

In addition to opening stores in Germany, the Netherlands and Singapore by the year 2000, Fossil had also created a clothing line and produced a signature line of watches. It also developed a proprietary colour changing technology called Kaleido® which it began using on dials. Licensing agreements were also signed for ZODIAC watches and Burberry. 2004 marked the year that Fossil began branching out even further, creating partnerships with Michael Kors, ADIDAS and Marc Jacobs. In 2009 Fossil celebrated in 25th anniversary by revisiting some iconic watches of its past, followed by acquiring Skagen watches just three years later.

Some of the most popular watches to date include those that we showcase here in our online range at Jura Watches. These include the Carlie, Georgia and Jacqueline lines designed exclusively for ladies. Fossil Grant watches, on the other hand, combine sporty accents with elegant undertones. These chronograph dials are combined with traditional Roman numerals and vibrant dial colours as well as a range of traditional leather straps to choose from. Other models such as the Fossil Coachman have a distinct aesthetic. An integrated steel case frames a dial adorned with sophisticated and colourful accents for an added sense of depth and dimension. Fossil’s broad and versatile range of watches also includes the FB 01, a three handed date watch with additional features such as a robust steel link bracelet and a matching coloured ratcheted bezel.

When Fossil launched its popular Smartwatch range it brought a sleek, refreshed design to the wrist as well as a myriad of innovative technical functions. Fossil Smartwatches on metal bracelets, material straps and leather bands balance a classic aesthetic with a smooth touchscreen feature that offers functions like heart rate tracking, GPS, Google Pay and Swimproof and compatibility with Android and iOS devices. Whether technical advanced or classic and simple, Fossil offers an affordable and vast array of wristwatches for every individual from sporty individuals, businessmen divers, explorers and outdoor adventurers.