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RJ Watches ARRAW Joker and Two Face Limited Editions Watch Review


Channelling their dark side, RJ Watches conspires with two super-villains of the DC Comics – the cunning criminal The Joker and conflicted attorney Two-Face. Both are well known arch-enemies of the much loved superhero Batman. Limited to 100 pieces, the new designs embrace their personalities with authenticity of the characters they reflect. The partnership with one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment reveals two statement pieces with an evil side.


RJ Watches are no stranger to working with iconic characters from the DC Entertainment World with the SkyLab Batman and Spiderman watches. However, this time they focus on the darker side of the comic strips – the villains.


RJ Watches ARRAW Joker Limited Edition




The evil villain comes to life on the face of the limited edition taking design cues from his flamboyant character. It’s bound to put a smile on your face!


The Joker is Batman’s original nemesis making his debut in the first edition of the DC comic in 1940. His sadistic sense of humour, warped mind and menacing grin are what makes the enemy of Gotham City’s crimefighter so recognisable.


The titanium bezel features an intentional chaotic Joker motif featuring his wide menacing grim and threatening eyes. The striking hand painted dial is inspired by the Joker’s makeup. The two black eyes are positioned at the centre of the dial, which gradually fades to white to mirror his skin tone.




His lethal razor tipped playing cards are referenced on the stylised dial with the Ace tips and markers. The diamond, heart and club suits are referenced in green on the sub dial positioned at 3 o'clock. The second hand is in purple as a nod to the Joker’s tailored suit finished with an elaborate ‘J’ - another feature that references the super-villain.


Turn the bold timepiece to reveal a laser-engraved portrait of the evil villain alongside the number of limited edition.


The final touch is the three different interchangeable straps in Joker colours – purple, green and black. They can easily be swapped to suit your mood by pressing the Batman logo release screw on the watch lugs. The vivid purple and bright green leather straps are lined in hard-wearing rubber whereas the black rubber strap is water resistant to 100 metres.


RJ Watches ARRAW Two Face Limited Edition




Rising from the darkness the limited edition has two very different personalities just like Two Face – the District Attorney turned super-villain.


Once Batman’s biggest ally, Harvey Dent attempts to bring down mobsters Sal Maroni and Carmine Falcone. To stop him from winning the trail, Maroni attacks him with sulphuric acid disfiguring one side of his face. The unique design takes this concept of his dual personality. The watch face is split in two featuring a distressed skeleton movement and bezel on the right to signify the crazed half of the character whereas the left is more clean and structured to reveal his caring, quieter side. The inner workings of the watch are exposed to symbolise the acid burning away the outer casing and dial.




As a result of his injuries, Dent has moments of insanity choosing to make most of his decisions about good and evil with a coin toss. Leaving life and death decisions to chance, the laser engraved coin of the left side also acts as a turning second hand.


It doesn’t stop there! The calf leather strap is also split in two featuring a clean and distressed side to match the watch face. The strap can be changed via the Batman logo release buttons on the case lugs.

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