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MeisterSinger Phanero Green Watch Review

MeisterSinger Watch No 2 MS-222

Named after Nico Rensing - a valued member of the international sales team - the new MeisterSinger releases for Baselworld 2016 have embraced a beautifully deep, sunburst green dial; a striking new look that has transformed the iconic sophistication of the design. A familiar and successful process that MeisterSinger implement to maintain creativity and continually release a selection of superb designs to the eager watch enthusiasts worldwide. 


MeisterSinger’s award-winning reputation is deservedly earned from their dedication to the finer details in craftsmanship and development. Their commitment to continually revise and rework the smallest of details allows for them to boast an array of breathtaking watches in their simplistic and minimal form. Manfred Brassler - the founder and designer - creates a design, which is presented to employees for evaluation. During the discussion, designs are altered or discarded to encourage honesty and find a result that works.


Nico Rensing mentioned his longing for a stunning green dial via this process and was realised with the Salthora Meta in 2015. The success has been amazing with the hue evoking relaxation, a walk in the woods or an exquisite classic car. And with that the Rensing green has seen a return for 2016 - and rightly so!


MeisterSinger Sunburst Green Dials


Three striking MeisterSinger timepieces have embraced the new colour creating stunning versions of the signature watches. The No.02, Phanero and Neo adopt the Rensing green hue with ease. The sunburst finish ensures that the dial shimmers on the wrist creating a striking effect! The trio demand attention due to the beautifully stunning new colour. 

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