History of March LA.B Watches

March LA.B watches are united by philosophy, simplicity and refinement. The brand was established between France and the US and was founded in 2009. The designs combine vintage aesthetics with contemporary craftsmanship. Having previously partnered up with renowned watchmakers within the Swiss industry, March LA.B watches have switched to aligning its company ethos with its French heritage. Prestigious assemblers and leather good artisans in Morteau have kept the principles of authentic watchmaking of the forefront of every design.

The people behind the brand are varied in their backgrounds, interests and expertise, owing to the company’s dynamic approach to watchmaking. The March LA.B’s modus operandi has always been to create exceptionally beautiful yet functional timepiece for watch collectors of the future. Local watchmaking culture is a message behind every timepiece created at March LA.B. The company was founded in 2009 when father of four and sports enthusiast, Alain Marhic, now CEO of the company, quit his job as Director of Operations for the eyewear department of Quiksilver group to head up the brand. Alain and his two brothers, as well as their father, all celebrated birthdays in March. Combining this reference in the brand’s name with shared offices in LA and Biarritz, France, and it becomes clear how the company acquired its unique name.

It took a further two years for March LA.B to launch its first wristwatches, relishing a gap in the market for vintage, lifestyle watches that appealed to a broad market. Jerome Mage, creative director of March LA.B moved from France to live in LA at the age of 20 where he found himself director or a sports eyewear company. His passion for historical designs, particular those from the French First Empire and Napolean era is certainly detected in the diverse designs of the watches made by March LA.B today. With an interest in British and French retro styling, the timepieces pay tribute to elegant classics of the past.

One interesting design element to note about March LA.B’s catalogue of timepieces is the recurring green colour which runs throughout the company’s collections. Not only a symbol for life, which aligns perfectly with the brand’s contribution towards supporting the work of suicide prevention all over the world, but the colour is also greatly associated with Alain’s childhood as a colour that his mother frequently clothed him in.

Many surfing influences are also visible in the watches developed by March LA.B. Alain who remains a keen surf enthusiast, dedicated timepieces like the Villa Belzanames to the iconic beach villa in Biarritz. Amongst the brand’s offering is the AM2 watch, which remains one of the brand’s most popular models to date with its distinct square shaped case and some hour indexes laid out in a horizontal position.

Alternatively, the hands of the AM3 watch by March LA.B have a unique signature tuning fork inspired design surrounded by a bevelled shape case that catches the light to enhance its unusual profile. In addition to this design, the company’s Mansart model developed in 2019 is available in both a quartz and automatic version and features an instantly recognisable square shaped case with flattened off corners.