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We know how important your favourite watch is to you, so we always recommend that you take out separate insurance to protect it against accidental loss, damage and theft. At Jura Watches, we have teamed up with insurance brokers, T.H. March, to provide you with straightforward and affordable watch insurance to give you that peace of mind.

easy to use and comes with a fantastic range of benefits:

  •  We offer 3 year insurance up to a maximum value of £3,500 and a maximum £10,000 total value of any one household. This protects you against accidental loss, damage and theft! 
  • A 1 year option is also available in store and over the phone
  • There is no excess to pay and all claims are settled in full up to the sum insured
  • We will repair or replace any damaged or lost items
  • You always have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period during which insurance can be cancelled in full
  • You are covered anywhere in the UK and up to 30 consecutive days worldwide, so if you damage or lose your watch during a holiday you are covered!
  • There is only one simple Claim form to fill out in the event of a loss occurring
  • Your watch is covered as soon as you receive your insurance certificate. To get a free quotation, go into any of our boutiques or call us on 01335 453453 and a member of the Jura Watches team will be happy to assist you.

The following table displays the sum to be insured with related premium for watch purchases:


  • You must be a resident in the UK to take out this insurance.
  • No cover for losses if items are left in an unattended vehicle.
  • No cover for items in baggage unless carried by hand under the personal supervision of the insured.

Claims Procedure:

  • If your item is damaged, please return it in to any of our boutiques or return it to our head office along with proof of purchase and your insurance certificate. All claims must be made within 30 days of the incident, as failure to do so may invalidate your claim.
  • If your watch is stolen or lost, you must notify the police immediately and obtain a report form which will include a loss reference number. Failure to report the loss or theft to the police will invalidate your claim. The same process should be followed for theft or loss occurring outside the UK.
  • Please note, in the event that you have purchased a limited edition watch or piece of jewellery, we may not be able to replace the item like for like. You are still entitled to select a replacement item up to the same value as your original purchase if your item has been discontinued at the time of placing a claim.

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