History of Hugo Boss Watches

Hugo Boss’ head office still resides in Stuttgart, Germany. The company, which was founded in the year 1924, has a history punctuated by several important milestones. The brand started out not long before Germany’s economic depression, which has crushing effects on many independent businesses. To enable Hugo Boss to start out all over again, the manufacturer was left with just 6 sewing machines having signed an agreement with its creditors in 1931. Over the decades Hugo Boss began establishing itself within the fashion industry. It would be 1984 when Hugo Boss received notoriety for sponsoring major golf tournaments like the Davies Cup in 1993 and the world of tennis – areas that would eventually form the inspiration behind some of the brand’s sports watches. 

Aside from creating fashionable clothing, lifestyle accessories, perfume and sunglasses, Hugo Boss also launched its own range of wristwatches which were instantly met with resounding success. The company grew and became remarkably successful. Even after Hugo Boss’s death in 1948, the company thrived due to its involvement in the Second World War, supplying uniforms to the German Army. It was not until the 1980s that Hugo Boss the company began selling watches. Simple but edgy, these wristwatches carried the brand’s personality very clearly through their designs. With some watches matching the brand’s professional clothing range for pairing with office attire, and other designs that enhanced a lady’s elegant side, Hugo Boss Watches are varied, as well as a popular affordable alternative to high end wristwatches. 

The watch manufacturing side of Hugo Boss enables the brand to offer high quality materials thanks to its partnership with Movado. By the year 2005 Hugo Boss watches were available in 110 countries worldwide. Each watch is designed with a specific consumer in mind, enabling the company to add a whole host of functional tools to its range whilst still keeping the spirit of the brand alive with several signature design codes. Our range of Hugo Boss watches here at Jura Watches, varies from rugged divers watches to classic and elegant three handed dress watches. There are sporty chronographs to choose from as well as Hugo Boss watches with dual time zones, Hugo Boss Grand Prix watches equipped with tachymeter scales and diamond adorned models. Some of the most popular Hugo Boss watches include those from the Flawless collection, which offer elegant ladies chronograph dials and delicate diamond detailing. The Mini Sport collection features watches with robust looking bezels, while the Hugo Boss Signature collection with metal bracelets feature links that taper to a gentle curve for a contemporary finish. There are also plenty of designs to choose from amongst the Hugo Boss ladies watch collection and Hugo Boss men’s watch collection.

In Hugo Boss’ almost 100 year heritage, we have seen the brand grow from a supplier of military uniform to a creator of fashionable clothing items, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, sunglasses, and watches among many others. Since developing its automatic watch range, it has become apparent more than ever that quality materials and performance are values that are never compromised. Perfect for a first time watch collector or for those who prefer the value for money aspect of a budget watch, our Hugo Boss watch collection provides everything from watches for sport, to leisure, diving, water sports and business watches, not to mention dress watches and timepieces for formal events.