History of Elliot Brown Watches

When watch company Elliot Brown was first born, its founders shared one vision. To create affordable watches that were tough and robust enough to come face to face with some of the planet’s most extreme conditions. Designed for tough terrain, for summiting mountain peaks and for exploring daring underwater depths to name just a few examples, Elliot Brown watches bridge the gap between high end tool watches and accessible day to day watches that can sustain the knocks and bumps associated with everyday life. Alex Brown and partner, Ian Elliot (co-founder of the brand, Animal in 1988) wanted to create wristwatches that would assist with their coastal lifestyle. These long term friends fused together their years of knowledge and expertise both onshore and offshore with a passion for precision timekeeping, creating popular wristwatches such as the Broadstone, the Bloxworth, the Holton and the Canford.

With no restrictions and only a blank canvas to begin shaping the aesthetic of their watches from scratch, Elliot and Brown have cut no corners and have compromised on nothing in the development of every Elliot Brown watch. The company also seized the opportunity to work alongside RNLI, the Armed Forces, Mountain Rescue England & Wales, government agencies and blue light services to collaborate on some remarkable innovations. The company, which was founded in 2013, prides itself on honest and genuine watches that not only promise to keep accurate time but also withstand the rigours of extreme sports and endurance.

Each collection of Elliot Brown watches tells a story of its Dorset roots. A shared interest in mechanics has also influenced the design of every Elliot Brown watch. The company’s headquarters is located in Poole Harbour where views of the water’s edge and observing the Lake Yard Club serve as an inspiration to the fabric of the entire Elliot Brown catalogue. Elliot and Brown love nothing more than to tell their story of their brand through new ideas and concepts, encouraging one another to continue extending on its most popular lines with new visions.

Salt, water and mud are common conditions to contend with where Ian Elliot and Alex Brown live. To prove the consistency of Elliot Brown’s commitment to building ultra robust wristwatches, a random watch was taken from the box and strapped to a Clipper ‘70 racing yacht. Its standard strap pins were the only tool used to attach the timepiece to the boat which was then sent around the world for an entire year. Except for the odd ocean debris scar, the watch sustained long term saltwater exposure, millions of pressure and thermal shocks, force winds equivalent to hurricane level, 14 meter swells and temperature drops courtesy of freezing icebergs on the Southern Ocean. It returned having kept perfect time and continues to serve as a reminder to all who doubt the reliability, precision and toughness of an Elliot Brown watch.

Synonymous with quality and luxury, Elliot Brown watches deliver beauty on a profound scale. Each timepiece is equipped with a screwdriver to adjust the length of the watch’s stainless steel bracelet and remove the strap bars which have been securely held into place by solid screw-in link pins for ultimate strength.