History of Electricianz Watches

Priced affordably and bringing something wholly unique to timekeeping, Electricianz, also known as ELZ, is a watch company founded in 2017 that creates wristwatches inspired by underground cultures and contemporary visual arts. The highly energetic, urban designs are focussed towards those with a taste for off the wall designs. Based in Bienne, the Electricianz watch company is dedicated to creating affordable watches, using electricity to differentiate these models from the thousands of battery or mechanically operated watches on the current market.

Uniquely, the electrically powered movement is visible from the front and back of an Electricianz watch. It uses the battery and the conductors as integral features to the design of the dial. Geared towards those with a natural interest in how things work, Electricianz watches are intended to create an emotional link between timepiece and wearer. Laurent Rufenacht (founder and CEO) and Arnaud Duval (creative director) both have ample experience within the watch market already, having created the globally recognised SEVENFRIDAY watch company. The brand put itself on the map with daring designs inspired by industrial themes.

Some of the most popular Electricianz watches are those from the Electric Art and Electric Code collections. The offbeat designs from the Electric Arts collection are characterized by their punchy, sharp injections of bold colour. These Electricianz watches encapsulate the essence of the electrical powered watch. The bezels of these watches are either PVD coated or polished stainless steel,and shaped asymmetrically, topped with a hard mineral glass. The sub dial which indicates the time exposes the electrical conductor through its surface and contains LED lights that can be activated by operating the 2 o’clock push piece. An NFC chip also enables the wearer to make use out of a number of applications.

The Electricianz Electric Code watch collection showcases models like the Dresscode, the Cazino and Carbon Z watch. Once released, the latter became instantly noticed for its smokey colourways, punctuated by its colourful wiring that runs from 12 down to 6 o’clock on the left hand side of the case. With its mission to put energy in the spotlight, these wristwatches combine unusual materials with the art of traditional watchmaking, providing the wearer with a completely unique way to tell the time, as well as talking point.

Elecricianz watch company also created the Steel Z collection with a somewhat more up market look. Retro styled cases have ben machined specifically to combine with an inhouse electrical module that includes 5 LEDs for effortless timekeeping during the night. Combining a classic look with these futuristic dials, Electricianz Steel Z watches are completed on traditional looking leather straps. Designed for watch enthusiasts in favour of designs that stand out from the crowd, Electricianz watches not only make a statement but continue to introduce a new form of modern day timekeeping with an ever growing range of dynamic, trend setting designs.