History of Casio Watches

If there is one brand associated with affordable, quality wristwatches for facing the rigours of everyday life, Casio would be it. Ever since the Japanese watch company created its first ever digital quartz watch in 1974, the brand has been associated with durability, longevity and performance. Kashio Seisakujo in Mitaka, Tokyo was founded as a subcontractor company in 1946 by Tadao Kashio. Its first breakthrough came with the development of an electrical calculator before its first digital watch, the Casiotron, with an ability to automatically display the days in a month on an LCD screen. Casio became one of the world’s first companies to create a quartz watch as well as one of the first to innovate a line of watches capable of displaying the time in different time zones.

The 80s marked an era of watchmaking for Casio characterized by thinner, more resilient and more compact watch designs. Casio’s line of G-Shock watches was revolutionary for its time. Each wristwatch was subject to a line of stringent quality tests to determine its ability to withstand extreme conditions with a shock resistant design. In the 1980s the Baby-G watch collection arrived, cementing Casio’s reputation for creating digital watches of a high calibre.

Worn on the wrists of A-list celebrities like Michael J Fox and Keanu Reaves, Casio watches have long been associated with style as well as durability and performance. With some watches offering exceptional water resistance and others offering a battery life of up to 10 years, it is no surprise that Casio is one of the world’s largest and most renowned designer watch manufacturers. Predating the evolution of Apple watch and Smartwatch technology, Casio was already developing features like the touchscreen watch with a built-in phone book, organiser, step monitoring facility, notebook, and calories burned feature. Other watches like the G-Aviation collection were ahead of their time in terms of innovative tools and functions that were both easy to navigate and accessible to those who were in search of an affordable daily watch that avoided a large price tag. In the year 2000, Casio produced the first wristwatch to feature a camera and became one of the first companies to develop an atmospheric temperature and pressure feature, as well as GPS models.

Today, some of the most popular Casio watches for men include Edifice watches which come in a variety of different materials and offer a selection of features. The collection includes limited edition pieces, solar powered chronographs, standard models and Casio watches with a Smartphone option. For its price pint, the Casio Edifice Bluetooth Smartwatch is one of the best Smartwatches on the market today. Stylishly built and packed with cutting edge features, the watch as well as others from the same range is compatible with iPhone and selected Android devices. Inspired by speed and intelligence, the entire range incorporates advanced technology with a dynamic design. In addition to Casio Edifice watches, the brand’s Sheen and Pro Trek watches provide something elegant for women and something rugged and practical for the wrists of avid explorers respectively.