History of Bremont Watches

In many cases, longevity is seen as a mark of quality for a luxury watchmaker, but not for Bremont who is relatively new to the watchmaking industry. For Bremont brothers, Nick and Giles, who founded the company in 2002, uniting a passion for authentic British timekeeping instruments and an expertise in the aviation industry has never felt so right. Aeronautical Engineer, Euan English, father to Nick and Giles was passionate about flying. When he met his fate in 1995 in an untimely and catastrophic accident whilst on a practice flight, his sons were left to pursue their careers the only way they know how. By following their dream.

Nick and Giles continued to take to the skies, determined that their father’s tragic event would not deter them from flying again, when they were forced to make an emergency landing in France. They accepted help from a former World War 2 pilot and engineer. Difficult not to draw parallels between their late father and Antoine Bremont, their love of mechanical devices drew the brothers and the ex war pilot together in a voyage that would birth their watch brand, Bremont.

Determined to take their time to do things right, the first Bremont watches were slowly but surely crafted in the brand’s Henley-On-Thames manufacturing facility over a five year period. These chronometers that underwent rigorous tests to ensure precision and reliability were nothing short of perfect, fitting to the wrists of modern day collectors without difficulty. Once Bremont’s first collection was launched in 2007, the company began focussing on its innovative Trip Tick case construction. A three piece hardened steel case with slender lugs and a contrasting middle barrel as well as a separate caseback.

Eagerly snatched up by collectors over the years are Bremont’s limited edition watches like the Jaguar, the Codebreaker, P 51, Victory and Kingsman models. Percentages of the proceeds of these special edition models have been donated to charitable foundations, like the restoration of Hut 9 at Bletchley Park for example. Other watches from Bremont’s core range serve as indispensable tools for pilots, divers and adventurers alike, not to mention lovers of the classic dress watch.

Bremont U2 watches are military aviation inspired timepieces that pay tribute to the Bremont brother’s late father and his connection to the industry. Tested by the elite Spy Plane Squadron, these pilot’s watches accompany missions reaching up to 80,000 feet in the air and for periods exceeding 12 hours.

The Bremont Supermarine watch collection launched in 2010 and features a line of watches that still embody aviation principles but in the form of rugged tools for underwater exploration. In this same year as the Supermarine watch, Bremont Jaguar watches were making an impact on the wrists of classic car enthusiasts and watch collectors similarly. The watchmaker collaborated with Jaguar to create a timepiece that coincided with the launch of the Jaguar C-X75, boasting an analogue dashboard clock. The 43mm E-Type watches followed, drawing on the sleek profile of the car itself. Equipped with a Dunlop tyre inspired crown and an automatic winding rotor that referenced the car through a visible transparent caseback, these models transmitted the elegance and style of these 1960s cars through their beautiful designs.

Other popular Bremont watches include the MB models which celebrate the watchmaker’s relationship with Martin Baker when it collaborated with the British aviation company in 2007. The manufacturer supplies 70% of the world’s Air Forces with fighter ejection seat technology. Bremont watches from the MC collection can withstand the same rigorous testing programme as the ejection seats do. The MBI is a limited edition model that remains solely for pilots who have ejected from a Martin Baker seat aircraft.

Traditional handmade leather packaging and bespoke parts define Bremont watches. Genuine British craftsmanship remains at the heart of every timepiece. These hand assembled timepieces continue to combine horological expertise with aviation technology in perfect proportions for experienced and novice collectors alike.