History of Aviator Watches

Watch company, AVIATOR was founded in 2000 and has been dedicating itself to creating a superb collection of varied pilot’s watches over the last two decades. The timepieces appeal to professional pilots and watch enthusiasts alike, incorporating a blend of functional elements as well as a timeless, unmistakable style. AVIATOR watches are made in R & D facilities, located inside the control tower of the Swiss Jura Airport. This prime location gives the manufacturer a unique opportunity to infuse a true sense of aviator spirit into each meticulously crafted timepiece. The region’s bustling air traffic provides the craftsmen and designers at AVIATOR with a 360 degree view, serving as inspiration for each wristwatch.

AVIATOR watches pay tribute to pioneers of the aviation industry, like the Wright Brothers, who stopped at nothing to achieve success in their field of expertise. The brand works closely with professional pilots, enabling it to collaborate with influential experts for various designs. A balance of passion and research has formed the backbone to the brand, which now offers collectable wristwatches named the Bristol Scout, the Douglas and the MIG 29 to name just a few.

Extensive research, stringent testing, trends in aviation and one to one meetings with professional pilots, as well as exploring historical facts, all come to serve as the foundations to a successful and efficient Aviator watch. The timepieces not only withstand the rigours of the open skies but provide a reliable tool for wearing on land. Each wristwatch is tested by a professional pilot inside a range of aircraft, be that a cutting-edge fighter jet or a vintage model.

AVIATOR watch company is a trusted supplier and partner of aerobatic teams, military pilots and global airline pilot crews. The headquarters of AVIATOR watch company is located in the heart of Horlogerie, in Porrentruy. Pilot watches like the Bristol Scout pay homage to reconnaissance aircraft built in the 1910s, a swift and highly manoeuvrable aircraft that pioneered the concept of the single seat fighter. The AVIATOR MIG watch collection is home to the MIG 29, a cockpit chrono with ADD and SPLIT functions, a left sided crown and an internal rotating bezel.

AVIATOR watch company’s family of artisans and skilled craftsmen are working amongst 200 years of expertise. Inheriting the master craft of watchmaking in the Swiss Jura, the company continues to engineer superb materials that are imperative to fit functionally inside a professional pilot’s watch. The brand’s cockpit style dials feature distinct patterns and handcrafted metal indexes coated with Swiss Super LumiNova treatment, which promises a heat resistant, non radioactive and REACH compatible material for enhanced night time glow. The hands of every AVIATOR watch are a result of 20 manufacturing steps. Cannon hole, stamping, drilling and cutting are all techniques involved in this segment of the watchmaking process.

In addition to these intricately handcrafted methods, AVIATOR prides itself on sourcing only the finest Swissmade movements for uncompromised reliability. Each movement, just like the entire watch itself, is built to withstand extreme conditions and pass the rigorous testing that AVIATOR holds so highly within its manufacturing ethos.