History of Alexander Shorokhoff Watches

Combining Russian culture with German spirit, Alexander Shorokhoff watches take classic designs from the 19th century and fuse them with today’s cutting edge technology. The edgy designs belonging to collections like Avantgarde, Heritage and Sixtythree are recognised worldwide for their individuality and uniqueness. Alexander Shorokhoff takes its name from its founder, an architect and civil engineer who founded the company in 1960. This era marked a number of crucial changes within the industry. Soon to follow would be the iconic steel sports watch trend, as well as the quartz crisis, which significantly impacted the Swiss watch industry. Alexander Shorokhoff however, focussed his extraordinary design skills on form and functions attained through his many years of study and travel. The Moscow-born engineer relocated to Germany in 1991 where he completed his education at the ministry of economics in Hessen following an arrangement between German federal chancellor Helmut Kohl and Russian president Michail Gorbatshov.

The 12 months that followed saw Alexander Shorokhoff successfully set up a pan-European distribution market for Russian watch brand Poljot – the precursor to establishing his very own in-house watch manufacturing facilities “Poljot International” in 1994. For almost a decade Alexander Shorokhoff focussed on creating timepieces that exemplified quality design and expert workmanship. In 2003 Alexander Shorokhoff began nurturing a whole new concept. A brand that would carry his Russian roots as well as his name. The double “ff” reference at the end of the company name pays tribute to his Russian heritage while the watches manufactured in the heart of the picturesque German town of, Alzenau, Bavaria would distil the essence of German authenticity and unique craftsmanship.

To this day, Alexander Shorokhoff still travels the world, incorporating the sights and encounters of his travels into the heart of every timepiece. Drawing inspiration from cultures and countries he has visited, his wristwatches serve not only to deliver complete, uncompromised accuracy but also to tell a unique and interesting story of their roots. Millennial art and cultural history are the backbones of each innovative design.

Skeletonized detailing, traditional engravings and elaborate finishes encompass the spirit of 19th-century Russian art in Alexander Shorokhoff watches from the Heritage collection. Timepieces from the Vintage collection are powered by Russian movements that are no longer in manufacture, adding to their rarity and exclusivity. Alexander Shorokhoff’s ever-growing portfolio of wristwatches has been recognised for the high level of workmanship it deserves. In 2014 the watch company was honoured for its Miss Avantgarde model, followed by 2015’s Babylonian model and the Alexander Shorokhoff Barbara wristwatch just a year later. In 2017 Alexander Shorokhoff was honoured for its Winter model after being nominated for the German Design Prize 2017.

Adding to the desirability of an Alexander Shorokhoff watch is the fact that some models are developed in limited edition numbers, thus increasing the demand amongst avid collectors. These wristwatches continue to break traditional and classic watch designs. The Poljot and ETA movements fitted to the centre of every Alexander Shorokhoff watch are all reworked with decorated gears, embellished bridges and refined surfaces that make for a wholly individual mechanical heart.