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B.R.M MK-44 Watch Review


B.R.M has launched the MK-44: the lightest automatic chronograph in the world, weighing just 48.80 grams.

The B.R.M MK-44 took two years to create, and officially sets a new lightest weight record. The brand states that a similar chronograph weighs 100 grams - 51.20 grams more than the MK-44, and technological advancements ensure that the reduced weight does not compromise performance or reliability.
The 44 mm case is made of Makrolon, an extra-light material used for the side windows in advanced race cars - in keeping with B.R.M's "racing spirit". The case back is made of Fortal HR, an extra-light aluminium alloy also used in motorsports.
The titanium push buttons and crown are hollow to further reduce the weight of the watch, and the sapphire glass measures only 1 mm in thickness. Each part of the movement in the MK-44 has also been streamlined, with a rotor weighing half of that used in a regular movement.
The B.R.M MK-44 achieves further weight savings through ultra-light hands - available in white, sky blue, turquoise, yellow, red, orange or black. The four lugs have been streamlined, and much of the dial has been relieved. The strap is made of extra-light breathable fabric and fibre, with top stitching to match the colour of the hands. The buckle is half its regular size, with titanium screws and axles.
The MK-44 was first tested by racing driver Emmanuel Collard at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011, and is now worn by a number of top endurance drivers.
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