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Bremont Watch Will Move All Production to the UK


Bremont has confirmed its move away from Switzerland, with all production set to take place in the UK within the year.

Moving production to the UK has always been a long-term goal of the British brand, but co-founder Giles English told WatchPro last year that there were "financial and logistical hurdles" to overcome before it could be achieved.
Bremont already carries out as much production as possible in Britain - the B-1 Marine Clock is completely designed and manufactured in the UK, alongside the assembly and finishing of a large proportion of watches - but a complete move was delayed by difficulties in sourcing complete movements and dials.
“When we started out our ethos was to do as much in the UK as possible, but Switzerland is a cottage industry – you can walk round the corner and get something done," Giles English said. "That’s not the case here. We don’t care if we don’t have Swiss Made on our watch faces, we’d much rather have London."

Bremont is proud to be British and is keen to promote and embrace the nationality of the brand. Chairman John Ayton pointed out that this is more important than ever in 2012 thanks to the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics: "The world's focus is on the UK, and Bremont is the most successful British watchmaker to date."

Few details have been released about the planned move, but it is expected that the UK production site will be near the brand's headquarters in Henley, Oxfordshire.
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