What is the Best Automatic Watch Movement?

There isn’t just one automatic watch movement that outshines all other rivals. It depends on many factors, as each individual will prefer a different movement due to the particular brand, craftsmanship, accuracy or complication. Luckily, there are many automatic watches on the market all appealing to a different clientele. It is your personal decision as to what you deem ‘the best’ or most suited to you however, here’s a few things to look out for.


There are many top brands in the industry that house automatic movements. The likes of Breitling, Seiko, TAG Heuer and Bremont have all earned a reputation over the years that speaks for itself. They need no introduction to those that know the watch world well and to be honest, those that don’t. Their name is enough as time and time again they deliver. Customers know exactly what they are getting and value their consistency and dedication to high quality movements.

If you like the look of a smaller brand, they may just be the up and coming name that everyone is wearing soon enough. Simply do your research to ensure that the movement is reliable and of a high standard.

Some top companies have moved all their movement manufacture in-house whereas others will outsource or are split 50/50 at the moment. It depends what matters to you, do your research into what external calibres they use but we can guarantee if it is a well established brand they will be of top quality.



In the automatic movement world, it’s all about exceptional craftsmanship, precision and intricacy that is normally viewed via the transparent case-back. Most brands are proud of their skilled artistry and will boast about their commitment to handcrafting high quality movements. It’s not hard to find. If complex calibres are your thing then the more complications, finishes and innovations will be the best movement for you, although it will come at a cost. Even better those that showcase their craftsmanship on the dial will be right up your street.


For some it all depends on price. If you have a specific budget in mind there are many affordable automatic movements available that do not compromise on quality. They may not be as fancy and have the name attached yet precision will be their top priority. Therefore, the best automatic movement for you is one that you can afford. We do offer amazing interest free finance deals that break the overall price down into manageable chunks, which could be an option if you have a particular watch in mind. The more complications involved in the movement, the more skill and time it takes to make bringing the cost up, sometimes considerably. 



The question to ask yourself is what do you want from your automatic watch? The best movement for you is one that delivers. Do you need a date display, a moon phase, a power reserve or a tourbillon? There’s no point purchasing a timepiece that doesn’t meet your needs or what you favour in watchmaking. It might involve you saving a little more or researching into what you require yet in the long run you will find an automatic watch that caters for you.


Last but by no means least, the accuracy of your automatic watch is extremely important. Most brands will state their commitment to precision providing you with the facts. Again, reliable, trustworthy companies will ensure that their movement is extremely accurate and, in fact, pride themselves on their ability to craft such reliable movements. Find more on the accuracy of automatic movements here.