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Jura Watches Exclusive: Garmin MARQ & Virgin Experience Voucher

Exclusive to C W Sellors Jura Watches, you can now purchase a Garmin MARQ Driver, MARQ Aviator or MARQ Commander and receive a £200 Virgin Experience Day Voucher to spend on a choice of fantastic experiences.


Maybe you’ve had your eye on the Garmin MARQ collection for quite some time – and why wouldn’t you, there’s truly no other luxury smartwatch out there as capable – and you’ve just been waiting for an extra incentive to spoil yourself.  C W Sellors Jura Watches is excited to announce that incentive has arrived in the form of whopping £200 voucher that can be spent on a huge range of Virgin Experience Days. Take your pick from a fantastic selection of activities perfectly suited to the Garmin MARQ watches on offer. Take the MARQ Commander on a freefall in a parachute jump and test its Jumpmaster mode, spin around a racetrack in a super car with the MARQ Driver on your wrist or take a flying lesson with the help of the iconic Garmin MARQ Aviator. Now the only problem you have is deciding which Garmin MARQ watch to choose…


The Garmin MARQ Driver

Lovers of the racetrack need look no further than the Garmin MARQ Driver. Ranked first place as the only modern smartwatch with smart features and more than 250 preloaded global racetracks accessible from the wrist, the Garmin MARQ Driver has quickly become a must-have accessory for anyone setting their own lap records or anyone inspired by those that do. The innovative track time feature is perfect for both those behind the wheel and those spectating, as it works with the tachymeter bezel to automatically calculate the average speed of a car on the course. The lap time repeatability also assists by measuring your consistency throughout a race with a lap time repeatability score and the Last Race feature gives you a summary of your last race with fastest lap times, total laps and max speed. Lastly, the remarkable Virtual Put Wall gives you access to your very own pit wall with audio reports of every lap as you pass the line.


The Garmin MARQ Commander


Purposely designed for brave adventurers, soldiers and weekend warriors, the Garmin MARQ Commander delivers a stealthy, matte black aesthetic filled with some remarkable secret agent-esque features that even James Bond would find useful. It is the very first modern tool watch to offer dual format GPS coordinates, built-in topographic maps and UTC markings on the bezel allowing you to synchronise operations effortlessly and provide unparalleled situational awareness in every environment. For missions at night, the remarkable night vision function keeps your movements cloaked in darkness when used with compatible night vision equipment. One of the Garmin MARQ Commander’s most significant abilities is its unique Kill Switch and Stealth Mode feature. When set, you can press the kill switch pusher on the case to instantly erase sensitive personal data on the device while stealth mode stops storing and sharing your GPS position and wireless communication altogether. Lastly, Jumpmaster mode is designed for use when skydiving and detects automatically when you have jumped to begin navigating toward the desired impact point using the barometer and electronic compass.


The Garmin MARQ Aviator


Last up is none other than the Garmin MARQ Aviator which puts its focus on pilots, professional and amateur alike. The 46mm scratch resistant ceramic bezel starts the design off strong detailed with laser etched precision markings for recording a second time zone while two additional airport time zones are available on screen so you can stay on schedule at home, in your current time zone and at your inbound destination. The Flight Plans feature also allows you to transfer your flight plan and any updates wirelessly from the app straight to your wrist, so you are always in sync with your intended route. One of the most important aspects of being a professional pilot is being prepared, and the Garmin MARQ Aviator takes preparation to whole new heights with aviation weather reports accessible directly on screen including winds, visibility, barometric pressure and more, plus NEXRAD weather radar of your route. The Direct-to emergency navigation is also on hand in case of emergency and will fly you straight to a location or waypoint or activate a path to the nearest airport all with the simple activation of the emergency access button hot key. Lastly, following course has never been easier thanks to the HSI course needle and full-colour moving map which displays your flight path in relation to nearby navaids, airports, intersections and other surface features.


If you’d like to make the most of this exclusive offer and purchase your own Garmin MARQ Aviator, MARQ Commander or MARQ Driver and receive a complimentary £200 Virgin Experience Day voucher, head over to the Jura Watches website here. You can also get in touch with the Jura Watches team by calling 01335 45453 or send us a message at

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