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NOMOS Neomatik Watch Review

Nomos Glashutte Neomatik

As the cork fiercely pops and the fizzy delight flows into the flutes raising a toast to the new NOMOS Glashutte collection everyone is reminded of the luxurious champagne colour of the five beautiful NeoMatik dials; a soft, warm, elegant hue that carries the sophistication and acquired taste of the bubbly drink itself. A drink that commonly marks a celebration bringing joy and excitement to the occasion, which of course, NOMOS Glashutte master effortlessly as everyone excitedly admires the new scrumptious shade of the new line....................




The Neomatik collection is primarily iconic NOMOS models that have endured a makeover. The Metro, Orion, Tangente, Ludwig and Minimatik have gladly accepted the champagne shade; a slight change that transforms the attitude and feel of the recognised watches. An addition to the new dial colour is the neon orange accent colouring that adopts the indices, roman numerals and seconds hand; a bucks fizz tribute if you like - champagne with a dash of orange! The five stunning pieces begin a new generation making a statement in a contemporary world. 



NOMOS Glashutte Neomatik


To complete the 10 piece limited collection the models are also launched with a white silver-plated dial with cyan blue detailing for the sober variety; a stark contrast to their matching pair as the champagne daze starts to wear off. Each duo will only be available for a limited time to add to the exclusivity of NOMOS innovation and embrace the minimalistic beauty of timekeeping. Admiring the Neomatik collection it is evident that NOMOS Glashutte realises the importance of colour in design and how different shades can easily tell a new story. 



Nomos Glashutte Neomatik


Take another sip of champagne and get ready to peer at the DUW 3001 movement through the transparent case back. The thin, refined and elegant self winding caliber is truly magnificent that was realised in over 1.5 million minutes! Wow! Do you need a top up?? The movement marks the tenth in-house movement for NOMOS and was designed by engineer Theodor Prenzel. 



NOMOS Glashutte Neomatik


To fasten the masterpieces to ones wrist (yes, please!) the strap is crafted from the finest, naturally tanned leather and meticulousy remborde. The champagne editions are fitted with nude, full-grain leather whereas the white silver-plated dials welcome the black Horween Genuine Shel Cordovan; straps that compliment the dial perfectly and are fastened by the hand polished NOMOS buckle clasp.  


Let’s raise our glasses to the launch of a new era that is very easy to swallow!!! Cheers!! 

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