History of Top 12 Sports Watches

Most reputable luxury watch brands host collections which contain at least one or two sports watches, many of them reinforcing the company’s classic designs and reliable features fused with a slightly more adventurous aesthetic.

Some sports watches boast a more vibrant, playful persona whilst others remain moderately understated and can be worn with office attire or casual day-to-day wear. The key to finding the perfect sports watch is to consider whether the watch is to be worn as a statement or purely for practical use.

TAG Heuer sports watches have been built to perfection, using cutting edge technology and incorporating their new cutting edge ceramic materials to ensure that their timekeeping tools are shock-proof, water-resistant, anti-reflective and protected from dust damage.

Other luxury watch brands such as Hamilton keep tradition alive by continuing to improve on their core classics rather than re-inventing new models entirely. Their faithfulness to integrity creates a link back to their rich sporting heritage.

To help recognise the key qualities in the best sports watches which deliver in style as well as practical capability, we have shared our personal favourites to help distinguish between those watches ideal for robust sports and those developed for leisure.

Our selection of men’s best sports watches have been developed to complete a variety of tasks and have been packed with functionality. The chronographs found within models from the likes of Longines come equipped with additional counters and are perfect for timekeeping and stopwatch functions, for those wishing to record personal bests or monitor distance and time. Water resistance is a key function for a sports watch, especially for those wishing to use their sports watch for activities such as scuba diving.

Oris and Ball Watch Company are renowned for producing spectacular diver’s watches with strikingly legible features. The best fitness tools are enhanced by functions such as a tachymeter scale, used for calculating average speeds between two distances.

Many Breitling sports watches come equipped with this facility which allows the wearer to use their sports watch to monitor how fast they have swam or how quickly a vehicle is moving per hour. Watch brands such as Glycine and Muhle Glashutte have produced many models with a sleek sporty twist yet can be carried off as a stylish 9 to 5 piece. Particularly impressive on a sports watch is a stainless steel bracelet or rubber band which will not only lend itself to outdoors but can still be dressed up with elegant evening attire.