Mondaine Watches History

Inspired by the iconic look of railway clocks, the Bernheim family, founders of Mondaine watch company, began the story of the minimalist and eco friendly Swiss made wristwatch. The blueprint of the design would feature a red circular counterweight at the base of the seconds hand, a plain white dial punctuated by black hands and a distinct, chunky baton hour track. Since then, Mondaine has become recognised globally for its popular watches from the Evo collection, Giant line and te Essence and Helvetica families, as well as a beautiful selection of pocket watches and clocks.

Mondaine was founded in 1986 and soon gained an official license from the Federal Swiss Railways. It began its heritage creating accessories for office desks with a line of punctual and precise miniature desk clocks. A four-meter high Swiss Railways Clock by Mondaine was mounted at the Mondaine Railway Station Meeting Point in Zurich, Switzerland in 1994, made visible from every angle. In 2003 Mondaine set up a new head quarters in Lessingstrasse in Zurich. Just two years later Mondaine has mastered a self-powered illumination system that maintains a glow for years to come.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Mondaine created its very first line of wristwatches in 2006. The simple design was unmistakable and incredibly easy to read. The famous red seconds hand became one of Mondaine’s most distinct features. A retro look that never seems to tire. By 2012 the Swiss watch brand had created the traditional Mondaine Vintage watch, equipped with a mechanical movement at its heart. The watch featured an innovative transparent caseback to admire its performance via the underside of its steel casing. The year 2014 marked the rise of the Mondaine Helvetica No 1 watch. Its recognisable form is simple at first glance but boasts quirky additions like an off centre date window at 6 o’clock and a curved crossbar design for the lugs. In 2016 the Mondaine Helvetica No1 Smartwatch was integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless payment technology, for convenient contactless payments.

Our current range of Mondaine watches here at Jura Watches offers popular timepieces from the Evo collection. The models from this line balance form with function harmoniously. The design of the Mondaine Evo underpins the timeless Bauhaus style of the Classic Official Swiss Railways watch. The Evo2 watch has a perfectly rounded case made from stainless steel and is modelled on a mesh style metal bracelet or a range of different coloured smooth leather straps. The Mondaine Classic watch collection is, as its namesake suggests, a traditional and purist design, styled on a range of vibrant striped straps, colourful leather bands and perforated leather bands. Models from the Mondaine Giants watches collection focus on the elegance of the stylised Milanese strap, and come in a Mini version, as well as variations that are integrated with Mondaine’s innovative backlight technology allowing for good visibility of the hands in dark or low light conditions.