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A brand with a strong personality, Snyper Watches boasts a collection of timepieces that have been inspired by the strength and intelligence of elite forces equipment including the world's best snipers. Each Snyper watch has also been designed and manufactured in Switzerland, bringing together exquisite automatic movements, highly durable materials and unique designs to create an unmissable centrepiece instrument. 


Unmistakable for their masculine and striking profiles, Snyper watches have also become famous for their unique inventions such as the Snyper Lighter. This impressive innovation provides a compact windproof lighter module, something that has never been done before in the watch world.


We have a stunning collection of Snyper watches to choose from including Snyper Ironclad watches, Snyper One watches, Snyper Two watches, special edition Snyper watches, limited edition Snyper watches and Snyper chronograph watches.


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