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About Seiko Ananta

 SEIKO Astron. The world’s first GPS solar watch, it recognizes all the 39 time zones on earth. Seiko has been able to create a watch that can receive GPS signals and identify time zone, time and date data using the global network of GPS satellites.

SEIKO Ananta is an exclusive collection of luxury timepieces with Spring Drive and high-grade mechanical movements, targeted at those who truly understand and appreciate fine watchmaking.
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History of Seiko Ananta Watches

Seiko Ananta watches are inspired by Katana, the ancient Japanese art of sword making. The Katana sword was first developed 800 years ago and is a single sided, curved blade, designed to be drawn from its scabbard and used in a single motion. Seiko pays tribute to this long tradition with the precision, artistry, parabolic curves and sharpness of Katana swords all mirrored in the Seiko Ananta watch designs.

Seiko Ananta watches are manufactured using both Seiko’s high technology processes and the skill of its craftsmen watchmakers; a reflection of the highest steel-making technology and expert craftsmanship needed to create a Katana sword.

The Ananta cases are milled and shaped by a sophisticated CNC machine, developed in-house by Seiko, and then finished by hand using a process known as ‘blade’ polishing. The watch case has the distinctive parabolic curve of a Katana sword, while the tip of the sword inspires the pointed shape of the integrated lug and case back. The sharpness of the sword is also reflected in the sharp Seiko Ananta hands, giving them increased legibility in low light conditions.

In the same way that Katana swords are made from a unique type of steel, Seiko Ananta watches also incorporate a unique alloy. The SPRON alloy was created by Seiko in 1939 to enhance longevity and magnetic resistance. Used for the main spring and balance spring in Ananta watches, the unique alloy is continually improved to deliver a longer lasting performance and a longer power reserve.


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