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With fine European craftsmanship at their core and time honoured design at the exterior, Montblanc bring luxury living to life. Their dedication to craftsmanship, functionality and all-round elegance first began in 1924 with the creation of the first Montblanc fountain pen, the Meisterstück. Since then, their writing instruments have become legendary for their finely crafted nibs and embellished exteriors. 

Named after the most prominent mountain in the Alps, Montblanc have also set new standards of design with their stunning collections of Montblanc watches created using only the highest quality materials including 18 carat gold, sapphire crystal glass and Swiss watch movements. From Montblanc watches to Montblanc cufflinks, Montblanc leather bags and Montblanc travel accessories, we have everything for your life of luxury.


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