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Pay with Bitcoin

Spending Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies still feels like a foreign language to most of us. So many of us have “invested” in Bitcoin and watched as its risen, fallen and risen again but when we see a profit, what do we do with it? The answer is simple, spend it!


Famously, the first known commercial transaction of cryptocurrency was when Laszlo Hanyecz traded 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas on May 22, 2010. Today, that value totals to over £411 million… Back then, not only was Bitcoin’s value much lower but the items available to purchase with Bitcoin were almost little to none. Thankfully however, paying for items with Bitcoin has certainly become a more familiar sight at both online checkouts and in real-life stores.


At Jura Watches, we are incredibly proud to be one of the first online luxury watch and jewellery retailers to offer Bitcoin payments. This means that you can finally treat yourself to the luxury watch of your dreams, whether its that shiny new Breitling Navitimer, a robust IWC Pilots watch or a sophisticated TAG Heuer Aquaracer…


How to pay with Bitcoin


Paying with Bitcoin couldn’t be easier. Simply head to the Jura Watches website here and add your dream luxury watch – or watches (we don’t judge) – to your checkout and select the Coinbase Commerce option on the payment page. From there, you’ll be redirected to the Coinbase Commerce website. Then simply select Bitcoin and a QR code will be displayed on screen which you can use with your mobile or desktop wallet to make payment.


If you have any difficulties or you have some questions about how to buy a luxury watch with Bitcoin, get in touch with the Jura Watches team on 01335 453 453 or send us a message at

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