Jaeger LeCoultre Watch Review 2015

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! chimes everyone in harmony as the clock strikes twelve beginning the start of a new year - 2016 in this case. The ritual is marked every year with loved ones joining together to celebrate a new beginning anxiously waiting for the last second to pull the party popper. Individuals look forward to the next year ahead making plans for the future with Jaeger LeCoultre ensuring that everyone “makes every second count for 2016.” Here’s how………


The dawn of 2016 brings an opportunity for Jaeger LeCoultre to deservedly boast about their innovative watch complications. Through video footage, the luxury watch brand demonstrates how their timepieces consider precision, convenience, ease of use and balance as top priorities focusing on the Geophysic True Second watch in particular - “True second, make every second count.” The unique aspect is the independency of the mechanism that is not disturbed when resetting the hour and minute hand. No seconds are lost due to the isolation ensuring that Jaeger LeCoultre provide the truest, purist and most accurate time available showing the difference between a conventional second and the True Second. 


Jaeger LeCoultre states: “True Second operates without disturbing the running of the watch.” 



With Jaeger LeCoultre’s dedication to technical advancement, precision and accuracy you can guarantee to make every second count in 2016. Live your life to the fullest without focusing on the past, it’s time to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty in this world. 


Join Jaeger LeCoultre to truly make every second count in 2016!!! 


Happy New Year from all at Jura Watches!!!!!!!!!!!!